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the Oceans

Athens, 1966-67


The Oceans were a band of Ohio Univeristy students, although they all seemed to local (Athens) natives.They were together for a year or so.

The band included Ed Lonas (guitar), Mike Cunningham (sax), Jim Dean (drums), and Dick Brown (Bass)

In July of 1966  they won a battle of the bands in McArthur, beating the Cobras IV, an accomplishment considering the Cobras IV had been together longer and had a big local fan base. The band played teen dances and OU parties.

In the fall of 1966 they recorded a 45 at OU with Gary Rhamy producing/engineering. Gary released on the Pla Me label which was run by Gary and Reed Welty (of B-W records). There were only two records on the label, the Oceans and Me and the Guys.

The record features a excellent garage A side "She's Gone" with snotty vocals and a hard driving rhythm section, the sax is very effective. The B side is cover of the country standard "Abilene", a reminder that the band was based in Appalachia.

After the Oceans, Ed Lonas was in the Roamn' Kynd. Mike Cunningham had played in a couple bands earlier, most notably the Twinners (who also had Tom Jividen and Dick Graves, later in the Finite Minds).

She's Gone / Abilene - Pla Me 1090, fall 1966 (RCA pressing master 804B-1090)