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Cleveland, 1964-68

The Occasions looked like they were going to break big out of Cleveland with their self-composed hit "Baby Don't Go" came out in 1966. The song was the first release on the Big Jim label, backed by just retired Cleveland Browns football superstar Jim Brown. The song got airplay in many markets, and the group even made to the Cheetah club in NYC. For several reasons, the record turned out to be their only 45.

The Occasions included Billy Carter, Evans Woodson, Johnnal Thompson, and Jennifer Mason. Their two men/two woman lineup was unusual  and give the group a little different sound. Brown partnered with Way Out and recorded the Carter-Woodson song "Baby Don't Go", with Billy singing the primary lead. The flip side "There's No You" was written and sung by Woodson. The first pressings of the record were the gold labels with the football, with the yellow football label second, and the plain yellow label third. 

In 1967 Brown left Cleveland to pursue his acting career, and the Big Jim label only released one more record by Bobby Wade. Unfortunately Way Out (or anyone else) did not get behind the group for another record. They split up in 1968.

Evans Woodson and Jennifer Mason eventually married. Woodson is deceased. Billy Carter has continued to perform in Cleveland groups up to the present. In 1973 a new version of "Baby Don't Go" was record by Norman Scott for Way Out.

Baby Don't Go / There's No You - Big Jim 3273, late 1966/early 1967