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Nazar Blues

Galion, 1966-8

There were two versions of the Nazar Blues, one of the bigger bands in the mid-Ohio area. The original band was Don Stillings on vocals, Mike Schwind on lead guitar, Steve Gottfried on rhythgm guitar, Larry Hughes on bass, and Bill Beaty on drums. The band were students at Galion HS. The band was managed by Tony Giampietro and he brought the band to Magnetic recording in Columbus were they recorded two songs, the soul/R&B standard 99 and 1/2 Won't Do and an original instrumental flip called "Hubie". The record was issued with a pic sleeve and was the best seller of three 45s that Tony released (the Soul Survivors and Last Times being the others).

The second Nazar Blues included Lanny Bodkins lead singer. Tom Pickett on lead guitar, Randy Miller on rhythm guitar, Mike Roelle on bass, and Jack Kidwell on drums. The band started in the fall of 1966 and disbanded in late 1968.

The band played a lot in the mid Ohio area and Columbus booked through American Talent, inckuding Snow Trails, the Mixer, and as far away as the Attic in Salem.

Lanny Bodkins was in  Hammerhed in the early 70s and Ods Bodkins in the late 1970s. He passed away in 2015.

99 1/2 (Won't Do) / Hubie - Nazar 36507, 1967