Melody Mates

Cleveland,  late 1950s - early 1960s

The Melody Mates seem to have a working band, they were probably like several other Cleveland bands that were around at the time, mixing pop-rock with standards to play in clubs and functions. 

Over a few years, they recorded 3 45s. Since there's not really any first person info around about the band, most of what to talk about are the recordings. All their 45s seem to have been recorded at Audio Recording, with Vlad Maleckar's name prominent. Jimmy Testa was probably the guy involved with songwriting and publishing, and Gene Toney's name (and guitar) is also present. It's likely Toney was a member, possibly with Chuck Rizen playing keyboards. One of their 45s was released on the Nix label from Pittsburgh which was operated by Nick Cenci. He is the narrator on "Enchantment", probably their best known song. 

Autumn Love / Just Plain Guit  - Decca 31000,  Nov. 1959
Enchantment / Promenade - Nix 100, Nov. 1960