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Jerry and the Medicine Men

Cleveland, 1965

Ed Wright, one half of the Smashville/W&H production team, moved from Cleveland to Los Angeles in late 1966 to take a job as general manager of Minit records and to help relocate the O'Jays out there. Jerry Baxter, drummer/writer/arranger came with him, probably as part of the O'Jays band.

Ed and Jerry also brought some old recordings they had recorded in Cleveland (likely at Boddie) and the two set up a short iived - two releases - label, Edco. The first Edco 45 was one of those recordings, a boogaloo styled dance record "The Medicine Man" that was extended across two sides and featured Jerry's drumming. The A side has a talking vocal in a faux Native American style. 

The song was copyrighted in 1965, but released later. 

The Medicine Man Part I / The Medicine Man Part II - Edco 101