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Lloyd Hugo /  Soundsations

Huron, mid 70s

Lloyd Hugo had been the bass player in the All-Niters. After playing for about a year along Lake Erie with them, he retunred to his home in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Around 1969 he made a 45 with an band called the Article V, and then nother record maybe a year later credited to him only. These 45s were on the Belt label from Muskegon, MI. The Belt label was run by Jay Michelich, who had been the drummer in the All-Niters.

Sometime in the early-mid 1970s he moved to the Huron area where he played the lounge/Holiday Inn circuit. We know of two 45s he made during this time, one for the Globe label, and one where the artist is credited as the Soundsations featuring Lloyd Hugo. Carl Trimache is also credited. The Soundsations record revives the Erie label used by the All-Niters, even keeping the consecutive catalog number. The record was recorded live at Harrish's Lounge in North Ridgeville. 

Lloyd passed away in 2003. His obituary says he owned a couple restaurants in the Huron/Norwalk area.

Discography (not confirmed)
Mother Trucker / If You Will Take My Hand - Globe 106
To Love Someone ; These Are Not My People /  - Erie 003