Dayton, 1966-7

The Knots came from the West Carrollton area of Dayton. The group was started by Larry Anderson who had left the Dynamics.  

We don't have much in the way of specifics, but the group made a nice garage 45 in 1967, released on the Baus label from Munice, IN. Like many Dayton area bands they travelled to the relatively close central Indiana area and were probably spotted there. The Baus label only had two 45s, the other one was by the Other Five who had no Ohio connections. The record was recorded in Indianapolis or Chicago. The A side was a pretty straightforward take on the Rolling Stones song while the flip was a fast teen garage song with enthustiastic vocals and a guitar break.

Larry Anderson is deceased.


What A Shame / You Girl - Baus no #, 1967