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the Valiants / Juletta's Valiants

Vandalia, 1965-8


April 8, 1967 article.

The Valiants started out as a four member group, fronted by lead singer Juletta Everhart, with Joe Moore on lead guitar, Steve Covert on drums, and Danny, last name unknown, on bass. All four were students at Vandalia-Butler High School. 

They were part of the Dayton Scene LP, recording a song originally done by the folk rock group We Five (who also had a female singer). The song was written by acclaimed singer/songwriter John Stewart. 

The band played the teen dances around town, in person they were more rockin' than the folky sound on their recording.Juletta left the band later in 1966 and they added singer Tony Glander, rhythm guitarist Greg Golde, and Neil Studebaker (the only non-Vandalian, coming from Troy) on bass. Over the next few months the band played often at various places in and around Dayton. The article mentions some of the cities - Richmond IN, Lima, Kenton, Troy, Tipp City, Delphos, Sidney, West Liberty, St. Marys, Greenville, and South Charleston. 

Only a few weeks after the article, the band was looking for a few singer. Using the Dayton paper's band placement service, they eventually got Terry Lawson, who had been in their Dayton Scene competition, the Dawks. Terry joined in June, 1967 and the band continued to be very popular, disbanding in 1968 when the remaining school students were graduating.

Love Me Not Tomorrow - from the LP WONE the Dayton Scene, Prism 1966, c. March 1966