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the Journey Men

Brunswick, 1966-7


The Journey men were a five member band of Brunswick high school students. The band included  JIm Kerns on lead guitar and vocals, Howard Cook on organ and vocals, Dale Seeds on bass and vocals, Ron McMillan on guitar and vocals, and Bob Levandowski on drums. The band formed in early 1966, from the demise of the Intruders, a band that included Kerns, Seeds , and Levandowski. They quickly rose up in the local band scene, winning several band battles and getting a lot of exposure in the local paper.

The band made a trip down to Florida during the 1966-1967 Christmas/holiday break  and while there, recorded an excellent teen garage 45 for the Tampa based Boss label. Both songs were credited to Ron McMillan.  They took the record back home and got some decent sales and a bit of airplay on Akron area radio.


The band lasted until the summer of 1967, when a couple members graduated HS and they decided to go their seperate ways.. In 1968, Cook, Levandowski, and Kerns were in the Troupe, and in 1970, Seeds, Kerns, and Cook were in Daybreak.

Howard Cook, returned to Brunswick HS and became a teacher. According to one of his former students, he would occasionally play the record in his class!

There were several groups named the Journey Men (or variations on that name), this band only made the one record. There was another Intruders band from Cleveland that backed up Bocky and played into 1967.

She's Sorry / Short and Sweet - Boss 008, January 1967