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Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum, and Durr

Columbus, late 60s-early 70s

This Columbus group was supposed to named Johnson, Dawson, Tatum, and Durr, using the four members surnames, but according to various accounts, Hawkins was a completely random mistake for Dawson. The lead singer was Virgil Johnson, with Al Dawson, Willie Tatum, and Norris Durr. They began as harmonizing teenagers and were recruited by Bill Moss for his Capsoul label. 

The group issued 2 45s beforem, according to a family member, Johnson felt he wasn't treated fairly so he went on his own.

Both 45s are very nice examples of turn of the decade soul harmony. The B side of their first 45 is a remake of the song first recorded by the Chandlers. The songwriters were Dana Middleton and Jeff Smith

You Can't Blame Me / Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer - Capsoul 22, 1971
A World Without You / You're All I Need To Make It - Capsoul 24, 1972