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Joe Dolce

Painesville, 1978-

Joe Dolce's recording career in the US is a 'one hit wonder', that being "Shaddap You Face". He had much more success in Australia, where he moved to in 1978. 

Dolce grew up in Painesville and while there is no record of him playing in local bands during high school  (Harvey HS), at Ohio University he played in the Finite Minds and Headstone Circus and wrote some of their original songs. When the band decided to move to the east coast, Joe stayed back in Ohio. A couple of Joe's songs ended up on their LP (after they were renamed Sugar Creek). After Sugar Creek member Jonathan Edwards went solo, he recorded a few more of Joe's songs.

Eventually he moved out to California, and then to Australia, where he wrote "Shaddap You Face" based on some sayings he heard from his Ohio family of Italian ancestry. He recorded other songs thar were hits down under and the UK, but none were hits in the US Today he is mostly known for his essays on music