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Jimmie John

Newark, late 1950s-1970s

Jimmie John's recordings ranged from country novelty to true rockabilly. His full name is Jimmie John Fullen. He started recording in 1957 for the Emperor label out of Wheeling, WVA, and the record got enough action to be nationally released on Dot. 

His next record was his most rockin', "Solid Rock". It was released on the ZZ label from Newark. ZZ was run by Millie and Ed Ruton of Newark. Jimmy played often at their Hillbilly Park performing place. Millie can be heard talking on "Rosie's Gone Again". He was backed by the Rockin' Rangers. The first record or two was recorded at WHOK radio in Lancaster.

His next 45 was his biggest hit, getting a national release on the Todd label. His song "What Kinf of "god" Do You Think You Are" was later recorded by a couple other artists.

He continued to record about one record per year, with two more on ZZ and then a couple on the Do-Ra-Me label. Do-Ra-Me was owned by Murray Nash, who had started in Springfield, OH with the Spangle label. A lot of Ohio country rockers recorded for the label.

His song "I'm Your Toy" was recorded by Brenda Lee. Jimmie's version was his last 45, copies can be found on the Do-Ra-Me label, and a promotional issue for Al Payne Motor Sales in Newark. 

In a later interview, he mentions recording an LP called "The Soul Of A Child" but we don't have any more details

In 1962 he retired from music and went to college, and persued a career in teaching.

The Blues, The Guitar, and Me /  Rosie's Gone Again (PS) - Emperor 212/Dot  15584, 1957
Trouble On The Party Line / My Feet 'Er Dirty (PS) - Emperor 213, 1957
Solid Rock / Beyond The Blues (Title sleeve) - ZZ no # (RCA master numbers JO8W-2392/3), 1958
Just Got Kids / What Kind of "god" Do You Think You Are? - ZZ 9523/Todd 1026, 1959
Hello Guitar / You Just Don't Care - ZZ 5654
I'll Tell You Why / They Won't Let Me Forget - ZZ 5655
Frankfurter's Machine / Fire In The House - Do-Ra-Me 1417
I'm Your Toy / They Don't Really Know Me - Do-Ra-Me 1425