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Jicky Zaar

Cleveland, 1974-5

Dick Smith, using the name Jicky Zaar, was quite the entrepeneur in the mid 1970s. In addition to having two clubs to his name (Jicky's English Disco and Jicky's After Dark) he fronted this band. 

The original band included Randy Klawon on guitar, who had just returned to Cleveland in the summer of 1974 after spending a couple years in Los Angeles. Dann Klawon played bass and Wayne Weston was the drummer. Jicky was mentioned almost every week in the Scene magazine and the band got a lot of publicity and seems to have polarizing, with excellent musicians backing Jicky's over the top show which included elements of Iggy, Alice, Mick, Bowie, Gene Simmons, and other 'crazies' of the 70s rock scene. 

The original lineup lasted until October 1974 when the Klawons split to form Peter Panic. The band tried Jerry Blaha and Al Globekar on guitar until Andy Gerome got the job. Al Lacko was the new bassist. In 1974 the band won the Scene 'Best Band' poll with Jicky winning for best male vocalist and 'stage presence' and Wayne Weston winning Best Drummer.

They played through the winter and spring of 1975, with regular gigs at the Stable, the Chateau West, and the Round Table. IN a July 1975 issue of the Scene, they had planned to break up that month but reconsidered.

In September of 1975 Jicky's After Dark opened in the 1700 Columbus Rd location that had held D'Poos, Otto's and a couple other incarnations. The band played there regularly, and disbanded around the end of 1975. In a January 1976 issue of the Scene a new Jicky Zaar band was announced, but never seems to have played out, as there are no more mentions in the Scene. Jicky's After Dark went all disco until Dick (no longer using Jicky) sold it in 1980-1.