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Jerry Paul

Cleveland, 1958-1961

Jerry Paul was the performing name of Jerry Hirshberg. He was from the University Heights suburb and attened Cleveland Institute of Art. 

He recorded three 45s, all with Shelly Haims' backing. The first one paired Jerry with the Plebes, a vocal group about which nothing else is known. The second 45 was also in the teen group style and was released on the Great label, which was supposed to be from Pittsburgh but also looks like a New York operation. Jerry and Shelley collaborated on both sides, with Shelley using the name "Randy Scott" as a pseudonym.

In 1958, after the first 45, Jerry did a number of live shows in southeastern Ohio, including Logan and Coshocton. He also played in Cleveland a few times.

For his third and last 45, Jerry cut loose with a strong rocker, "Step Out", and paired it with a nice cover of the Buddy Holly classic "Oh Boy". This was issued on Holiday, which looks like another pairing of Jerry and Shelley Haims. 

In 1963 Jerry was married and had graduated from CIA and attended Ohio State. It's likely during his singing career he was told that rock-n-roll was a fad and he needed to get a real job. He did quit the teen music business, got a real job, and ascended up the ranks in automobile design for General Motors and Nissan, with credits for several classic cars. He also wrote a book, appeared in ads for Nissan, and was cited often in trade publications during his career.

He passed away in 2019.

I'll Be True / Isle of Agua - Studio 1001, 1958
Sparkling Blue / I Want Back My Ring - Great 103, Sept 1959
Oh Boy / Step Out - Holiday 1001, 1960