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J. C. Davis

Columbus, late 1960s

James C. Davis relocated to Columbus in the early 1960s after having been a tenor sax player for James Brown's touring/recording band. After he left JB, he spent time touring with Etta James and Jackie Wilson. 

In the early-mid 60s he recorded several 45s, first for Federal with the other members of the JB band, and then a bunch of R&B dance styled records for Chess. Based on the sound of the Chess records, they were done with Chess session players at the label's studio. One of the songs - "Feznecky" - was also the name of a dance briefly popular in the Chicago club scene.

In the summer of 1969 he recorded the songs that are his main ticket for inclusion on this website. He recorded about 6 songs and released four of them on his own New Day label. The records have the unmistakeable Musicol sound, including their Hammond organ. The first 45 is "Coconut Brown" which features some vocal shouts of the title, backed with "Buttered Popcorn", a title used a few times by his former employer. The second 45 features "A New Day" written by P. Kibble, otherwise the songs are credited to J. C. 

There doesn't seem to be any more recordings by J.C., from Columbus or anywhere else. He seems to have settled into a regular job and seems to be still living in Columbus. In 2005 a short LP was released including all the Musicol recordings, with two previously unreleased songs and an alternate take of "New Day'. J.C.'s New Day label has not been used for any other than the two 45s.

Coconut Brown / Buttered Popcorn -  New Day 1341
A New Day (Is Here At Last) / Circleville - New Day 1373/4