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Hopple Street Exit / Trudi / Tad Spencer Group

Dayton, 1968-72

The Hopple Street Exit came from the UMAC production company, who were based in Miamisburg's Sound Shop music store. Three members of UMAC,Harry Urschel (guitar), Dale McIntosh (bass), and Bill Albert (drums), met singer Trudi and formed the Tad Spencer Group (there was no one named Tad or Spencer, it was just a random name choice). Bob Newton was also the drummer for awhile in place of Bill Albert.


The group were well known in the Dayton club scene and after playing for a year or so, got signed to 20th Century. A Dayton newspaper article in January of 1970 mentions a 45 with the songs "We Only Wanted the Sunshine" and "Let The Sunshine In" (an originall, not the song from "Hair"). Despite the hype, there doesn't seem to be any trace of the record. A few months later, the 45 with "Monday Morning Man" was released to local success. The band was still using the Tad Spencer moniker but the record was credited to Trudi, and the songs written by Urschel and Albert under the Opus 65 production name.

Later in 1970 they became the Hopple Street Exit, after a major highway exit in Cincinnati. They recorded a 45 on Counterpart in 1971, this time two Bill Albert songs, and he sang the vocal on "Hang On To Your Heart". There was an earlier, unrelated, Hopple Street Exit band from Wilmington, OH.

In 1972 the band helped out Malcolm, a Dayton TV personality, record an LP for Counterpart.

Trudi and Harry Urschel were married when the band was active. They split in 1972, but continued to work together in bands. Trudi moved to Chicago in 1974 and remarried in 1975. She got into gospel music and recorded a LP in 1977 with Urschel's help. She moved back to Dayton in 1979 and restarted her club singing in 1982. 

Monday Morning Man / Love Is A One Time Thing - 20th Century 6725
Together / Hang On To Your Heart - Counterpart 3752, 1971
LP - I'm His - Jewel 702, 1977