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Hessler Court

Cleveland, 1970-5


Hessler Court - the band - had almost as many lives as a cat. Starting in 1970, the band lasted for 5 years with many personnel and music changes. The founding member was Alan Greenblatt (guitar) with Eric Blecher (bass)  and Bob Makar (drums). Kass Becht, from Akron (she had been in a local band called the Soul Purpose, different than the Cleveland Soul Purpose, and also in the Measles for a short time) was added as lead singer. A 1970 blurb about the band mentioned a flute player, possibly Les Bloom, who had played with Blecher in the band Same As Last Week in 1969.

The band doesn't seem to have existed from later 1972 until mid 1974. Alan Greenblatt went to play in Orville Normal, Bazooom, and Breathless.

In 1974 Blecher restarted the band with John Aleksic (guitar), Denny Earnest (guitar), and Leo Ryan (drums). This lineup had used the name Froggy and the Shrimps (as all but Aleksic had been in that band) but in November they re-adopted the name Hessler Court.  In 1975 they were replaced by Steve Spencer on drums and his sister Judy Spencer on vocals. Judy had been in Froggy and the Shrimps. During this time they played the Viking Saloon and the Cellar Door among local clubs.

There doesn't seem to have been any recordings. Alan Greenblatt, npw as Alan Greene, has been an active and well known Cleveland musician for 50+ years.

For you non-Clevelanders reading this, Hessler Court is a street within and around the CWRU campus, and the site of the Hessler Street Fair off and on for 50 years.