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the Herde

Mercer, PA? early 1970s

The Herde included five members, two of them were Ed Bates and James Hayes. Don't have a lot of specifics but the band seems to have been from the Mercer, PA area. 

The Herde are included here because their only 45 was recorded at Alcon recording in Cleveland and pressed up using the house Alcon label. The songs are contemporary rock influenced by Three Dog Night and similar sounds. "Something We Made Up" has a danceable groove that has resulted in a little bit of interest from rare soul DJs. It would be a perfect song to use in the soundtrack for a period movie scene set in a dark nightclub with puffy leather booth seats.  "Experimental Man" is more moody and serious in tone. Like many of the Alcon 45s, it seems to have self distributed and used more for promotion.

Experimental Man / Something We Made Up - Alcon no #, May 1973