Cleveland, mid 1950s

The Hepsters were a five member vocal R&B group that recorded 4 songs for Ronel records in Chicago. The group originally formed as the Five Stars, but changed their name as a hoped for endorsement by Hep magazine. THe group was managed by Stella "Caledonia" Young, who ran a 'revue' show featuring her dancing. They recorded four songs for Ronel in 1955. 

The group included Joe Williams, who does most of lead singing, Carl Brown, Paul Hayes, Bobby Woods, and Ray Harvin.

After performing for a few more years, the group broke up, and there is no knowledge that any of them joined later groups in Cleveland.

Rock N Roll With Santa Claus / I Had to Let You Go - Ronel 109, Nov. 1955
I Gotta Sing The Blues / This-A-Way - Ronel 115, Nov 1956