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Henry Tree

Cleveland, 1969-70

Henry Tree were a trio that included Leroy Markish (guitar), Carmen Castaldi (drums) and Charles McLaughlin (bass). They were one of the many bands that hung out at DeArango Music on Cleveland's east side. The owner, acclaimed jazz guitarist Bill DeArango, helped the band and occasionally performed with them.

In 1969 they were part of the great Mainstream records/NE Ohio band blast that had them travel down to Miami to record at Critera studios, along with December's Children, Lacewing, Freeport, and Raintree. The story behind these recordings, as mentioned on the other band bios, was that DeArango knew Mainstream mogul Bob Shad from back in the 1940s/50s, and was tied into the rock scene through his store. So, he helped recruit and get the bands signed to Mainstram. Bill was probably closest to Henry Tree as they were definitely jazz influenced, and he plays, uncredited, on the LP.

The LP came out with little sucess, with one song "Penfield Town" appearing on a 45. The 45 seems to be promo only with the same song on both sides.

The band doesn't seem to have been around for more than a year or so. Carmen Castaldi worked as a jazz drummer for many years, including playing on an LP by acclaimed Cleveland sax player Joe Lovano.

Penfield Town / same - Mainstream 729
LP - Electric Holy Man - Mainstream 6129