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Harvey and the Phenomenals

Cleveland, 1964-75

Harvey Hall (also known as Harvey Nickerson-Hall) formed this self contained soul group after having been a singer in the Fabulous Flames.

The group changed members often, but in the early 1970s the group included Hall on guitar and vocals, Nate Gainey on bass and vocals, James Ash on tenor sax, and Ernest James on drums. George Hendricks, who had been in the Sahibs, one of the Fabulous Flames main competition, was the lead singer for awhile.

During the 1960s the group had one 45 on the Boddie related Luau label. The record was pressed at Pama, it was an early Boddie 45 done before he had his recording studio and pressing plant un full operation.

Harvey and the Phenomenals played all the Cleveland and Rust Belt area clubs in the Great Lakes version of the chitlin circuit. They probably played more shows that just about any other local group from the time. They did a lot of woodshedding and backing group recordings for Boddie.

In 1972, using the above lineup, they recorded their second and last 45. The  funky instrumental "Soul and Sunshine" has received a lot of attention in the rare funk collector scene. The other side "What Can I Do" is a nice harmony ballad, written by Jerry Baxter and John Wilson (of Sly Slick and Wicked) and credited to the Mod Squad, the predecessor to S, S & W.

The group continued for several years.  Harvey has been performing with the Magic Touch band for several years.

Tell Me About It / Darlene - Luau 5593, Nov 1966
Soul and Sunshine / What Can I Do To Prove My Love Is Real - Da Wood 7200 (label should be Day Wood), Jan 1972