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Harlequin Colour

Cleveland, 1968-1970


L-R: Dave Mocarski, Suzanne Rybus, Jack Springer, Edd Kray, Jim Girard

Strongly influenced by the Jefferson Airplane, Harlequin Colour played the Hullaballoo circuit, especially the Chesterland one, as well as other Cleveland clubs. The band included Suzanne Rybus (lead vocals),  Dave Mocarski (drums), Jim Girard (rhythm guitar), Edd Kray (lead guitar), and Jack Springer (bass).  Later on Rik Willinger jouned on keyboards.

Edd Kray had been in the Illusions.

The band did a lot of Jefferson Airplane, but also Buffalo Springfield and Judy Collins songs, along with a few originals. Around 1970 they recorded a couple original songs for a planned 45, but it never got past the acetate stage.

After the band broke up, Jim Girard joined the Cleveland Scene as a writer. Over the the next year as the paper changed from a general culture paper into a rock oriented one, he played a greater role until he became the overall editor, a position he kept through the paper's (and Cleveland's rock scene) glory days of the 1970s. He passed away c. 2008.


L-R: Edd Kray, Jim Girard, Suzanne Rybus, Rik Willinger, Dave Mocarski


White Wings / Later Years - acetate, c. 1970

Thanks to Edd Kray