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Hammer Damage

Akron, 1979-84

Hammer Damage was started by Mike Hammer (drums) and Donny Damage (guitar), formerly of the Rubber City Rebels. They left the Rebels when the band was in Los Angeles and returned to Akron. The original band included George Cabaniss (guitar) and Scott "Butch" Winkler on bass. The band's sound was somewhere between punk and power pop, more in the punk direction, but not nearly as agressive as the Cleveland punk bands.

The band recorded a good 45 in 1979 at After Dark studios. On the sleeve, George was credited as "Studley Demon". The record was self distributed.

George left to join the new Dead Boys and was replaced by Kal Mullins. The band played a lot of shows at the Bank and other NE Ohio clubs where fresh and original music was welcome, and opened shows for some national bands. They played a few shows in New York and Los Angeles.

In 1981 they recorded a 3 song 12" thatt featured a sound that was more new wavey, taking cues from their avant Akron peers. They also recorded a song for the second Bowling Balls From Hell compilation. By then Dave "Hollywood Illinois" Ihmels had replaced Mullins.

The band eventually got tired and disbanded in 1984. They have played a few well received reunion shows (as a five piece with Cabiniss and Mullens)

Automatic Lips / Laugh - Broken no #, 1979
Keep My Eye On You / Brainwash ; Nervous - Nuclear Football 0001, 1981