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the Groop

Toledo?, 1966/7

"Alright" is the name given the ferocious recording credited to the Groop, which appeared on a Back From The Grave #8 compilation of 1960s raw and tuff garage bands. However, the actual title is unknown, because the source for the song is an acetate with no label.

So, we don't know anything about the band. The acetate is a 2 sided acetate from A&T studios in Toledo. The other side does have a label, and a good moody, jangly song called "Without You", and the band name as the Groop. There is no other info on the acetate, names, etc. 

There is a bit of evidence that we saw of the band playing in Toledo during 1966/7, but nothing specific. Members of other Toledo bands we contacted (which is not many) have drawn a blank when asked. The studio log info was tossed when the operation closed around 2009. Before that, the editor had contacted the studio and offered a good sum of money just to have someone look up the info, to no avail. 

Without You /  ? (credited as "Alright") - A&T recording acetate, 1967