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the Grey Imprint

Dayton, 1968-73

The Grey Imprint started as a salt and pepper band with horns. The founding member was Loren Patten (trombone, trumpet, drums). Other members were Gary Weeks (keyboards), Fred Stroebel (sax), Don Jones (sax), Gerald Emerick (bass), Pat Adkins (drums). Many of the members came from Beavercreek. Gerald Emerick had been in the Muphets and Gary Weeks had been in the Gnomes. The original lead singer was Vic Baxter.

The band was offered an original song by Daytonian Burdell Gaston and they recorded for Clear Hill records. The song has a strong message about Black empowerment. The record sold a few copies on it's release but since then has been highly regarded and much sought after for fans of rare soul. The flip side is the instrumental track.

Around mid 1970 Sonny Flaharty took over on lead vocals, and the band had some personnel changes. Clay "Junior" Yarber was the new guitarist, and Bill Borton the new bassist. The band played in SW Ohio. There was one listed appearance in West Virginia. They also played the Continental Club in Fort Walton Beach, Florida (September 1970).

The Sonny Flaharty led band recorded three 45s on Counterpart. The first was a remake of "Hey Conductor" with a hard rock beat. 

By late 1972 Sonny had left the band and Pat Adkins took over lead vocals. The band used the same picture, above, with Sonny edited out. This version of the band played in Green Bay Wisconsin and probably more places on the road. Bob Kibler was the bassist for the last version of the band.

The last mention of the band is in 1973. By 1974, Pat Adkins was playing gigs as a former member of the Grey Imprint, in the band Newspaper Taxi. A 1974 ad lists Sonny and Junior playing the band Lions Share, out of Dayton. Vic Baxter joined Powerhouse and has played with other bands over the years.

Guitarist Clay "Junior" Yarber was killed in the Feb 2009 Buffalo plane crash.

Do You Get The Message? / The Other Side - Clear Hill 101/2, Nov 1969
Hey Conductor / It's Over - Counterpart 3748, 1971
Love, Peace, and Music / God's Factory - Counterpart 3764, 1972
Hold Onto It Mother!! / The Song I Sing - Counterpart 3767, Nov 1972