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Cleveland, 1970-4, 2016-

Granicus were a high energy heavy rock band who unlike many of their Cleveland peers, tended to avoid the bar/cover band scene and concentrate on writing and recording original material. Lucky for us, as their two LPs (one assembled and released long after they disbanded) are high quality and continue to find new fans.

The driving force behind the band was drummer Joe Battaglia. Along with Joe, the original band included Woody Leffel (lead vocals, guitar), Wayne Anderson (lead guitar), Al Pinell (guitar), and Dale Bedford (bass). Woody had been in the Tree Stumps and Black Rose. When the group started they spent a lot of time practicing and working on songs, and did not play out a lot. When they did play, they did a lot of originals. 

Like a few other NE Ohio bands, they also had a following in western NY state.

In 1973 they recorded their first LP for RCA records. It didn't get a lot of attention in local publications like the Scene, but has held up really well, mixing obvious influences like Led Zeppelin with the unmistakeable Rust Belt grit. The band recorded more songs in 1974 before breaking up. 

In 2010 the band members got together and put together the 1974 recordings as the LP "Thieves, Liars, and Traitors". In 2016 Joe Battaglia restarted the band, at first with Al Pinell and Dale Bedford, later with new members. Woody Leffel has made guest appearences with the new lineup.

LP - S/T -RCA APL1-0321, 
LP - Thieves, Liars, and Traitors (no label, self released CD)