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Cleveland, mid 1960s-1970s

The Gaylords were a club R&B band that lasted for many years. They probably got their name from Gaylord Street in Cleveland. 

The band made a couple 45s, one in 1964 for Way Out and one in 1972 on the short lived Soul Mine label from Boddie. Depsite the 8 year difference, the band sounds pretty much the same. The 1965 lineup was Sam Blackshaw (organ), Lloyd Pearson (tenor sax), and Perry Williams (drums). Blackshaw is the songwriter for the second 45. Another name, Ray Reynolds, shows up on the first 45. In 1976, the lineup was Sam, Lloyd Pearson on tenor sax, Billy Blackshaw, Sam's brother, on drums, and Ed Brown on guitar. Ed Brown had been the original guitarist for Bell Telefunk.

This group is not related to the Gaylords vocal group who recorded a bunch of 45s for Mercury, nor are they connected to former Cleveland Indians pitching legend Gaylord Perry.

Never Go Back to GA.  / Loose Beat - Way Out, 1964
Magnificent  Part 1 / Magnificent Part 2 - Soul Mine 7223, 1972