Fully Assembled

Cleveland, 1970-3

Fully Assembled, 1972: John Virgilli, Bob Sapp, Rick Bukac, Jim Samueli, Roland Solomon, Bill Sapp

Fully Assembled were fronted by identical twins Bob Sapp and Bill Sapp. The band formed in 1970 as a horn band, with Greg Grandillo (guitar/trumpet). Other members included Jim Samueli (drums), Rick Bukac (guitar), John Virgilli (keyboards), Jim Chellemi (trombone), and Paul (last name unknown - bass).

This lineup of Fully Assembled was a 'horn-rock' band and they were a hot band by 1971, helped out by a local hit 45 in the same year. The top side of the 45 was a remake of a 1966 record by Bob Kuban and the In-Men called "The Cheater". For some yet unknown reason, the 45 was released on the Musicland USA label, which had been the St. Louis label that issued the original Bob Kuban song. We suspect that the dormant label was appropriated by Fully Assembled.

In January 1972, Roland Solomon (formerly in Reign) joined the band on bass. A few months later, Greg Grandillo left the band to join Rainbow. The band decided to drop most of the horn sound and concentrate on hard rock, so Jim Chellemi also departed. During 1972, the band was booked by Belkin management and played gigs in Columbus and Pittsburgh along with Cleveland's college bars.

Around Oct/Nov of '72, Roland Solomon went down to Miami to record an LP with the Baskerville Hounds (he had been in the band in 1969). On the trip back, his bass had been diverted to another flight and he had to borrow one for a FA gig that evening. A few weeks later, Roland, got into a fight with Bob Sapp and quit soon after, officially rejoining the Baskerville Hounds.

The 1973 Fully Assembled

Fully Assembled continued to play for another year or so. Bob and Bill Sapp still live in the Cleveland area. Jim Chellemi is deceased.

Thanks to Roland Solomon.