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Froggy and the Shrimps

Cleveland, 1973-78

Froggy and the Shrimps were related to Hessler Court and like that band, had a couple different identities. The band started in 1973 and included Denny Earnest (guitar), Eric Blecher (bass), Leo Ryan (drums), and Judy Spencer (vocals).

A now famous story on Peter Laughner and Cleveland's underground music scene, "Those Were Different Times", written by Peter's ex-wife Charlotte Pressler, mentions the band and notes that Spencer is black and was a couple with Earnest, and Leo Ryan lived in the Plaza apartments (go find the story and note the "fucking dumbass room"....). 

In 1974 some of the band members became a new version of Hessler Court, and Froggy and the Shrimps ended.

In 1977 the band name shows up again, playing local clubs for a year or so. Not sure who was in the band at this time.