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400 Years Of What

Cincinnati, 1973-1978, 2000s

400 Years Of What was aiming to be Cincinnati's top party band. The group played throughout the 1970s and and returned to action in the 2000s. The group came from the Soul Seekers, a band that played locally in 1970.

The group was lead by Gordon Hickman on bass, with Greg "Tuffy" Jackson on keyboards, Allen Thomas on guitar, James Callery on guitar, and Randy Wallace on sax. They were most of the core members. The drum spot was held by Little Jimmy Roberts, Frank "Kash" Waddy, and Hubert Batte, in that order. 

Later the band added Rowena Sisk on lead vocals, Tim Cornwell on percussion and lead vocals, Clarence Miller on guitar, Louis McQueen on percussion, and Flip Cornett on guitar. 

The band recorded one 45 in 1975, and it lives up to the band's name as powerhouse dance party music! The record was recorded and released by Counterpart. According to an online interview with Frank Waddy, he joined the band just before they recorded and he played with the band for awhile and helped them get gigs.

In 1976 Greg Jackson left to join Zapp (still Roger and the Human Body) and he was part of the band during their successful run.

Get Down People / Do What You Like - Counterpart 3790, 1976