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Flight / Izz

Elyria, 1971-6

Izz started in 1971 with a Vic Blecman and Jeff Birks who had been in the Cavemen (later Pennsylvania Crude Oil). The band played in Lorain country clubs and Cleveland area clubs. The other members were Tony Carnett, Dale Doman, and Denny Carnett. The band was booked by J&J Attractions out of Elyria.

Around 1972 they changed their name to Flight. As Flight, they joined their Lorain County mates Molkie Cole and played a lot in the Erie, PA area. 

Flight recorded a 45 in 1975 that got some action. The label, which was named after Blecman since it was a self promoted record, cites a Disney movie named "Luvin. Huggin, and More"  the same title as the A side -  that was never produced. The sound is blue collar hard rock.

In 1976, with the band no longer, Blecman became a radio DJ and opened a bar in Elyria called Uncle Vic's (same name as his DJ personna). The club was very successful. In 1979 he released a big novelty hit record, "Space Invaders"

Luvin, Huggin, and More / Get You - Blecman no # (the numbers on the label, NR5195, are the master number assigned by the pressing plant)