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Akron/Kent, 1971-4

In the TV show "Hot In Cleveland", three women from Los Angeles are stranded in Cleveland, and decide to stay there so they can without the stress of the LA scene. the story of Featherstitch is odd similar, although 40 years ealier. Featherstitch originated in Los Angeles, but while travelling across the country, got stranded in the Akron area, and decided to stay and become part of the what was then the very hot and exciting NE Ohio rock scene.

Over time the many of the original members left to return home or live elswhere, so the band became mostly locals. The band was fronted by original member Harry (Haira) Muradian on vocals and flute. Mike Delaney, formerly of the Frisco Mint, played guitar, with Scott Sheridan (bass) and Phil Giallombardo (keyboards) and Mark Frazier (drums). Frazier and Giallombaro had previously been in Voodoo, but had long resumes as members of the Measles (Mark) and James Gang and Choir (Phil).

The band did some studio recording, which were released by Mike Delaney on a custom CD. The CD also included some more recent reunion recordings.