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Faces In The Crowd

Euclid, 1965-7

A teen band from Euclid, the Faces In The Crowd recorded a 45 for Del-Nita records.

The band included Jack Mikovic (guitar), Tim Clark, Ken Kelember, Dennis Fedorko, and Frank Grossman (drums). Jack, Tim, and Frank were all Euclid HS students, class of 1968.

There's a couple mentions of them playing out at the Lantern Teen A-Go-Go in Willoughby, where they sponsored a few teen dances in the summer of 1967.

In 1966 they recorded their 45 for Del-Nita. The songs were "Clouds Of Doubt", a standard motivationall poem set to moody, minor key music, and the instrumental "Lonely Beach". Jack Mikovic is the credited writer. The record came with a one sided blue tinted picture sleeve, 

The band seems to have broken up in 1967 or early 1968. Dennis Fedorko played in other bands including the Mojo St. Band, according to his obituary (he died in 2009). He was the brother of Deanna Adams, a well known Cleveland writer who wrote and published several books about Cleveland music, including "Rock-N-Roll and the Cleveland Connection"

Jack Mikovic was later in a band - or perhaps a one man project - named Malad, who recorded a very obscure 45 on a Boddie custom. He passed away in the 1980s.