Case of E. T. Hooley

Cleveland, 1967-69, 1972-4

The Case of E.T. Hooley played loud psychedelic laced blues rock in the manner of Cream and Jimi Hendrix. At their peak they were one of the biggest bands in town and had a large following. The original band included bassist Dale Peters who joined the James Gang just before they hit it big. Guitarist Richard Shack also played in the James Gang albeit much later. Other members included drummer K.J. Knight (real name Kenny Mills) and singer/guitarist Chip Fitzgerald.  The band recorded a couple demos but nothing came of them. In 1968 the band relocated to Los Angeles to try and get a record deal. While there, they recorded three songs with Slim Harpo that appeared on the1970 "He Knew The Blues" LP released shortly after Slim's sudden passing. The songs are "The Hippy Song", "Jody Man", and "Dynamite".  The band was unable to get a record deal and returned to Cleveland in late 1968. A few months later, Knight left to join a band back in his native Detroit, and a few months after Dale Peters joined the James Gang and the group disbanded.

In 1972 Chip Fitzgerald revived the band name with different musicians, including teenage guitar whiz Todd Sharp, formerly of Fleet. The band played the Cleveland college bar scene for a year or two. 

Todd Sharp joined Hall and Oates touring band in the '80s.