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Estes Brothers

Lodi, 1970-3+

The Estes Brothers band grew from three brothers, Joe, John, and Jerry Estes.  John played guitar, Joe played drums, and Jerry played keyboards. At some time they added Don Smith on bass. Bill Marren, from the Unknown Kind, took over on keyboards. We are not sure if Jerry played keyboards before or after Bill Marren was in the band.

The band was from a pretty rural area and didn't have the opportunities to play like bands in Lorain/Elyria to the north.

In 1971, the band recorded an LP and a label from Cleveland called Edcom released it. Edcom was an interesting label, its roster consisted of hard rock, singer/songwriters, and polka bands! The group also released a 45 that included an excellent hard rock song called "Tomorrow's Sunlight". The LP is consists of several strong hard rock songs with John Estes' guitar and Bill Marren's electric piano being the prominent instruments. Another fine addition to the strong canon of hard rock bands from NE Ohio releasing LPs. The LP features a 'stock' i.e. generic cover of a sunset (or sunrise, if you prefer).

After the LP, some of band members continued to play, the band never really broke up and the guys continued to jam off and on until the premature deaths of Joe Estes, Jerry Estes, and Don Smith.

Tomorrow's Sunlight / Yesterdays Blues - Estbro No #, May 1971
LP- Transitions - Edcom 7101