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(J. H. and) the Esquires

Columbus, '65-68

The namesake and lead singer for J.H. and the Esquires was Jack Husch. The band started as just the Esquires  by students at Columbus' West high school (Columbus had high schools in all four directions). The band included Dave Hessler (guitar), Tom Beougher, Bob Stokes, Mike Ward, Mike Kelly, Skip Warren.

After playing for a year or so they moved to a soul/R&B sound so they added J.H. to the working name. The band played the usual range of Columbus area teen dances.

In 1967 they recorded a 45 at Musicol. Mike Kelly is the writer of both sides, the mod/soul groover "Comin' On Strong" and the ballad "Stay By Me". The record got some local sales.

In 1968 the band split up, with several members forming the Marble Bag.

Comin' On Strong / Stay By Me - Mus-I-Col 1149, Sept 1967 (studio log has 9/16/67 which could be recording, mastering, date paid)