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Little Eric / Eric

Marion,  1971-72

Little Eric was another band lead by Willie "Phoenix" Creagh. The band was formed after the Magical Soul. Little Eric recorded an LP for private distribution on the CEI label. The group - mainly Willie - wrote all the songs. Along with Willie, the original band was Mel McGary (keyboards), Jim Cummings (bass), and Paul McKinniss (drums). The band played a few shows in the spring 1971, then went off to record the LP. They re-emerged in November of 1971 with a lot of publicity and the completed LP. Bill Belt was the drummer, replacing McKinniss The sound is melodic rock, seemingly influenced by the Beatles "Let It Be", Crosby Stills and Nash, etc. On the LP they used the name Eric, although almost all the newspaper references from the time used the name Little Eric.

In February 1972 the band was playing in Toronto and the local paper announced they were signed to Capitol records. The band seems to have lasted into late 1972, by 1973 Creagh, McGary, and Cummings were in Bopper.

LP - Eric - S/T - CEI no #, October 1971