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the Egyptians

Cincinnati, early 1970s

The Egyptians were a soul vocal group from Cincinnati. Details are not well known, to us, but they made two rare and sought after 45s on local labels.

The names on the records for writers and producers are Rod Hinton and Paul White.

The first 45 was recorded at Counterpart and issued on the Soul Sauce label, part of the Counterpart family. The second 45 was released on the Hard Times label, the most mysterious record operation in Cincinnati, if not all of Ohio. 

Currently there is zip to be found on the group online, not even a content worthy post on Youtube despite 1000's of views. Time to come out of your sarcophagus, guys!

Thanks To You  (Part 1) / Thanks To You (Part 2) - Soul Sauce 0001/2
Come And Take My Love Part 1 / Come And Take My Love Part 2 - Hard Times 3006/1492 - July 1974