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Edgel Groves

Akron, 1965-8,

Edgel "Ed" Groves recorded a huge hit in 1981 with the song "Footprints In The Sand". The song was a musical interpretation of the oft-seen Christian inspriational poem of the same name. 

Back in the 1960s when living in his home of Akron, he was involved with a handful of 45s, including a record on which he used the Rogues - the same band as Harvey Russell - for his backing band. He was not a member of the band, he wanted to record a couple songs he wrote in the teen garage style. The record was recorded at Audio and pressed at Pama, probably a limited 100/200 pressing. 

He also worked "A&R" for Tire Town records, the label owned by Akronite Schoonover.  He's credited on the Sabers 45 as well as a couple non-rock 45s on the label.  Not long after the Tiretown 45s, he moved to the Atlanta area.

In the 1970s he reconnected with Rogue Jerry Buckner, who moved to Atlanta, with whom he collaborated on "Footprints"

Don't Remind Me / Begging - Whirl no #, c. Oct 1965