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East Wind

Cleveland, 1968-78

East Wind (originally with 'The') were a very popular band in the Cleveland rock club scene of the 1970s. East Wind often played 6 nights a week, with their home base being Sunday night at the Longhorn.

The band started in 1968, and by 1970 was headlining in the local clubs. The original lineup included Jim Greer (guitar/vocals), Rich Attinoto (keyboards/vocals), Bob Szabo (bass/vocals), Bill Greer (drums). A few years after the band started Tony Mazzone took over on drums. A 1971 video shot for a Kent State TV show has the band doing the Three Dog Night arragement of the Lennon/McCartney song "It's For You" and an excellent Grand Funk styled original. The band recorded several demos and in late 1975 released a 45 on their own. The songs were written by the band and are good examples of 'Cleveland rock' of the time. The 45 came in a color pic sleeve, a baby appeared on the cover wearing an East Wind shirt, a fashion item (sporting the Mah-Jongg symbol for the band's namesake) often seen around town.

Some time after the 45 was released, Bob Szabo left and was replaced by Bob Coulson. A 1977 article in the Scene described East Wind' sound as commerical rock, doing songs by Steve Miller and Blue Oyster Cult.The band continued until 1978, after trying to get a record deal. Tony Mazzone ended up in Wild Horses.

Sadness Never Lasts / Could This Be Love (S.E.C.) (ps) 1975