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East Orange Express

Ft. Thomas, KY, 1968-71


The East Orange Express was formed by members of local bands such as the Wyngates, Marc IV, and Vibrations. The original band included Mike Reilly (Wyngates) (bass) and Danny Morgan (Vibrations) (guitar), Mike Connor (keyboards), and Billy Hinds (drums). David Pomeranz was the band's lead singer for awhile in 1968. Larry Butler (from Ivan and ther Sabers) replaced Pomeranz. Danny Morgan left to form the Apple Butter band and was replaced by Dan Schear (also from the Wyngates). Around the same time Jack Paschall joined on guitar and vocals.

The A.Jaye managed band was a popular live act but did not release any records. David Pomeranz, who has acheived some success as a solo act and songwriter. Rick Coghill was also in the band as guitarist, probably later in the band's timeline as well.

Reilly, Connor, and Hinds were members of Pure Prairie League. Mike Connor passed away in 2004.