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the Dynamics

Youngstown, early 1960s

Liban records was based in Cleveland, but had a roster than was mostly from Youngstown. The Dynamics were likely from the greater Youngstown area, although we don't really know anything about them.

They had one 45 on Liban. The A side "Blind Date" was written by Tony Achladis, who was from Warren. His name is mispelled Aehladis on the record. The flip side is "If I Give My Heart To You", a pop standard. The record was a local hit, especially in Pittsburgh where the record became part of the Pittsburgh oldies canon.

It's possible there is a connection between these Dynamics and the Dynamics who backed Mickey Farrell, from nearby Farrell, PA.. 

"Blind Date" was recorded again in 1965 by Kenny and the Kasuals from Warren.

Blind Date / If I Give My Heart To You - Liban 1006, Feb 1962