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the Drakes / Ken Jett

Cincinnati, early-mid 1960s

The Drakes were a vocal group from Cincinnati. They recorded one of the last 45s for Olimpic. The B side "I Made A Wish" is a doo-wop ballad that is really nice. Unfortunately, they were about 2-3 years behind the times, stylistically.

The songs were credited to Ken Jett (K. L. Jett). The record was released with a block print logo promo and the stock red/white labels.

A year or so later, Ken Jett recorded a 45 for Cincinnati's Fountain label. Ken's voice sounds like he was singing lead for the Drakes. The songs were co-written by Gene Redd and published by Red Bug. The record seems to date after the last Red Bug 45 so Gene was probably looking for opportunities to release 45 and partnered with Maurie Rose of Fountain. The record was probably Gene's last Cincinnati 45 before he moved to New York. 

There's almost no trace of Ken Jett or other members of the Drakes. Seems like he had a interior remodeling business later in the 1980s/90s. He passed away in 2014. He lived his whole life in Cincinnati's Lincoln Heights neighborhood, which was probably the home base of the Drakes.

Ole King Cole / I Made A Wish - Olimpic 252, 1964
I Can Dream Forever / Uncle Willie (And The Monkey Too) - Fountain 2248, 1966