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Don Boone and the Indians

Cincinnati, 1966


Don Boone had been a member of the Sandy Valley Boys with Nelson Young in the late 1950s. In 1966, he wanted to try the teen dance scene and formed the group Don Boone and the Indians. Don, at 34, was not even the oldest member in the band. Jim Risch, a 40 year old sax player, was the oldest, having played in jazz bands dating back to the early 1950s. Walter Kidd, a relative ypinstaerat 28, played bass, and 18 year old drummer Les Dale provided the authentic teen look. Boone and Risch were blind.

The band recorded a 45, a rocker that sounds like an early 1960s record. Jim Risch is the star, playing some hot wailing sax. 

They played a couple teen dance gigs in October 1966, but that was probably all they did. 

For more information on Don Boone, see the entry for Nelson Young and the Sandy Valley Boys.

Pitty-Pat / Our Last Goodbye - D.M.B. 3969, Sept 1966