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the Dixie Harmonairs

Covington, KY 1956-9


The Dixie Harmonairs were a teen rock-n-roll band led by drummer Tommy Huff. He was about 16 when the band started. The other early  members were John Buckholz on lead guitar and Joe Simmons on rhythm guitar (or 'melody guitar' as mentioned back then) . All were from Covington, KY. Later, in 1958, Tommy Lee is listed a guitarist, and  Paul Schneider was added on sax.


They recorded a 45, what seems like a real DIY job. The record doesn't have any printed labels, just rubber stamps. The sound in the grooves is just fine. The band does energetic covers of the R&B standard "Honey Hush" and "Rock Around The Clock" - two songs that were probably staples in every rock-n-roll band from 1958.

The band's live shows often included Tommy's younger sister  (11 in 1958) performing a pantomime. Back then, this meant that she would act out the lyrics to a song, at least that's what we think. 

The band was listed in the papers playing from 1956 to 1959. Tommy Huff's name appears again in 1961 as M.C. for shows at the  Captain Cove in Cold Spring, KY.

There was another Dixie Harmonairs based in eastern Ohio. They were a country gospel group who started in the 1950s and continued into the 1960s.

Honey Hush / Rock-Around-The-Clock - no label, no #, 1958