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Disciples Of Sound

Evansville, Indiana?, 1968/9

We need to explain the given locale. There is a 45 by a band named the Disciples Of Sound on the Finch label. Over the years, it has been assumed, incorrectly, that the Finch label from Cincinnati was the label for this record, with the Rite pressing being another factor indicating a Queen City origin.

We asked John Finch years ago and he had no knowledge about this record, his name is not on the record, and no paperwork for it was found in his estate. So, guaranteed, the Finch label for this record is not the Cincinnati Finch, completely different label logo (all the John Finch 45s from the time have a distinct logo and a different Rite pressing account).

So, where is band from? The best guess we can make is Evansville, Indiana. There was a band with the same name from there, that fits the time frame of the 45. There is a picture of them as five members, two guitars, bass, drums, singer. We haven't been able to confirm anything yet/

So, someone out there knows these guys and can provide the real story, right?

Fire / House Of The Rising Sun  -  Finch 221967, 1969