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the Delettes

Cleveland, 1964-late 1960s


The Delettes (or Dellettes) were a trio of three girls, Sally, Barbara, and Carol. The seemed to have started in 1964 and performed into the late 1960s. We assume they were teenagers when they started. The article above is from Sept 2, 1967,  the Call and Post ads seemed to proclaim new Cleveland '#1 Soul Sister(s)' every few months...

The group recorded a 45 for Blue Rock in 1965. The songs were credited to well known Cleveland drummer/musician Jerry Baxter, Ed Wright, and Harry Hanson. Wright (a WABQ DJ and promoter) and Hanson (who ran a couple Cleveland clubs) formed W&H/Smashville Productions, who were behind a number of Cleveland records in 1965-6. Ernest Phillips, who seems to be have been the main Smashville songwriter, was likely involved with these songs. Since other Smashville productions were recorded at Boddie, these were probably done there as well.

The record was released on Mercury subsidiary Blue Rock, with the name cut to Deletts. Mercury records had a strong Cleveland connection, going back to Redda Robbins and Bocky and the Visions.That's all we have for now.

What's The Use / Look At Me - Blue Rock 4034, Oct 1965