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Dean Francis and the Soul Rockers

Columbus, 1966-1969

The Soul Rockers were started by Dean Francis, a skilled drummer who had been playing locally in Columbus, primarily jazz.

Over a few months in 1965-6, the band, mostly high school students, came together, with Francis, Terry Wilks (guitar), Jerome Brazell (bass), Steve Binns (trumpet, keyboards), Rick Redmon (tenor sax), Chip Wilson (alto sax), and Randy Safford (tenor sax). 

With a full powered horn section, they started out doing a lot of James Brown, Wilson Pickett, and other hard funky soul songs. The band played local clubs and school dances

In early 1969 the group recorded a couple songs at Larry McKenzie's house studio and McKenzie released the 45 on his Hillside label. Before the record came out, the band had been known as the Soul Rockers, it was only when the record was released that Dean's name was out front , although Terry Wilks is the lead singer on both sides. Francis had arranged for the recording session. The record got some local airplay and the band an appearance on the Dance Party TV show. The record's "Tippin'" side plugs the Funky Disposition as "the latest dance - try it at your next dance party".

In the summer of 1969, some of the group members who had been in high school were graduating, and they decided to end the band. Dean Francis was not without work long, he joined Bill Moss as part of the Capsoul team, and after that folded, the Owl operation, along with Timeless Legend. In the late 1970s he spent some time in Sun, from Dayton. In 1984 he recorded a song to promote the Ohio Lottery called "The Lottery Song". He passed away in 2012.

Funky Disposition / Tippin' - Hillside 1007, 1969