Cincinnati, 1960-8

The Corvairs were one of Cincinnati's most popular bands of the early 1960s. The band included two sets of twins, (Bill Stith and Al Stith, and two named Langdon) and a lead singer named Little Joe Williams, who was barely a teenager when he started.

The band released several records on their own Twin (what else) label, as well as a 45 on Hickory records. A few of the recordings, like "Gee Whiz" and "Black Diamonds" were local hits. They played numerous dances and clubs in the greater Cincy area.

In the late 1960s, the story behind which we don't have for sure, Bill Stith ended up in the Miami area and continued the Twin label, using distribution from a company called Great World Of Sound. He seemed to have returned to the Cincinnati area, as he's credited on some local mid 1970s 45s. The present whereabouts of the Corvairs members is unknown.

Black Diamonds / Slipped Disc (Twin 45-4)