Confederate Music Corps

McArthur, 1966-70

A band of high school students from McArthur, OH. The band was led by lead singer Randy Swingle., with Bill Cyrus (bass), Steve Tatman (organ), and David Lee (drums). 

Randy Swingle - "This was our demo record. Songs were GOD OF LOVE and FOR A LIVIN' which were written by me and arranged by contributions of everyone in the group. We performed all over Southern Ohio for nearly four years 1966-1970. Group was a finalist on a Huntington, West Virginia TV station talent competition. We performed for lots of dances, proms, 4th of July Celebration in McArthur, Republican State Convention at Burr Oak Lodge."

God Of Love / For A Living - no label (Magnetic master 488 B2M-07Na) July 1970